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Herbalism - World of Warcraft Profession Powerleveling Guide

Herbalism is a gathering skill that you can take up as one of your two primary trades. With it you can pick flowers and herbs across Azeroth and the Outland. It is a good trade for making money without having to spend any. As with other trades you have to pay to become an herbalist and again at certain points to be able to keep on increasing your skill.

Apprentice 1-75 10Copper
Journeyman 75-150 5Silver
Expert 150-225 50Silver
Artisan 225-300 5Gold
Master 300-375 10Gold

Herbalism and Other Trades

Herbalism goes really well with Alchemy, where you can use the herbs and flowers you pick and turn them into potions, elixirs and the like. It is also good with another gathering skill for making a lot of gold as you grind.