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First of all, I want to welcome you to my guides - I hope you find them useful.

The work presented here is the result of me being a research and skillup fanatic. I love levelling trades in World of Warcraft and experiencing all the different crafts. I also love planning out in advance how I can best level a trade so I don't waste time / gold on more inefficient ways. Patience is not my strongest point though, so in some ways I'd rather pay a bit more to take a shortcut than to work longer and harder to take a cheaper route (like gaining reputation to get a recipe that is cheaper to skill up on).

All of those points are reflected in my guides, so be aware of this when you read them - there might be alternatives out there that take ages but will be cheaper - I do try to mention those alternatives in my guides though, so you are aware of them.

When I compiled all the information about the different trades I tried to include all the aspects that I look up at a regular basis. This includes bind on pickup items, reputation recipes, specialisations and lots more things. I have tried to include all this information in the guides, so they can serve as an easy way to look this information up on a regular basis, but also to aid in comparing tradeskills.

One thing I want to make clear about my guides is that they are not made for complete newcomers to World of Warcraft. There are tons of other good guides for people new to the game that introduce new players to the different trades.

The guides I have compiled are aimed at someone that has played for a while and understands the world of crafting and gathering, but wants an indepth view into the benefits the different professions have. They can use the guides for powerlevelling profesions on new characters or for switching their current professions on a main. That is what I have used the information I have gathered for myself.

If you are new to World of Warcraft, then I recommend you take a look at these resources first and then come back here when you have more knowledge of how trades work in WoW.

This has been a work of love and I am very proud of the final result - I use it every day to look up little facts about the different trades that I forget (like where was it that bind on pickup enchanting recipe I need drops etc.). I hope you will find it useful too, but I am sure that there are probably some errors lurking around - so if you spot one of those, then please send me a note. Same goes if you have suggestions for different ways to skillup in a craft than the one I suggest in a guide - or if you just have some general information you think should be added to this professions compendium.

For suggestions, pointing out errors etc. please send me a note at

I'll try to keep these guides updated - I'm an avid player and quite a geeky "miss perfectionist" so expect things to be updated. I know that at the moment there are a few loose ends concerning the latest patch (2.1) as I don't know where a few of the new recipes drop (I assume the Black Temple, but can't be sure). I have tried to get everything included to do with The Burning Crusade expansion and also as much of the patch 2.1 information I could get my hands on.

Thank you again for reading this - hope you enjoy the guides ^^

Oh! And remember to check out the wonderful WoW item database to your left - we've made it so you have maximum control with as few buttons as possible!