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Crafting Trades

There are currently seven different crafting trades to choose from in World of Warcraft. Each of these professions can be taken up as one of your two primary professions. All of them are used to create items or providing services (like enchanting) for other players.

Which trades to have on your character can be a difficult decision and should not be chosen lightly. Hopefully these guides can help you decide on which ones to choose.

If you are considering which professions to pick up on your first character then I strongly advise taking up two gathering trades to start with. This will help you earn a considerable amount of gold which you can spend on mounts, armor, weapons etc for your character. The reason for this, is that it is very hard to make decent money from crafting trades as you level. On the other hand it is very easy to make money from gathering trades. So definitely stick with two gathering trades on your first character.

When you reach 70 and you've bought all the things you fancy then you can start thinking about dropping one (or both) of your gathering trades and instead take up crafting ones. Then you can gather all the materials you'll need first and then get to 375 in one sitting. Doing it this way means you'll most likely straight off be able to start making money with the new professions you've taken up (as it is usually at later levels you can make back the gold), plus you'll also get the benefits of the endgame items in that craft immediately.

Comparing the crafting trades

The following table will give you a very basic idea of the differences between the trades in WoW.

Profession Cost to level Dependant on Useful for Creates
Alchemy +25Gold Herbalism All Classes Potions, Elixirs
Flasks, Transmutes
Blacksmithing -1810Gold Mining Warriors, Paladins Armor (mail & plate)
Enchanting -1310Gold None All Classes Enchants on gear, Wands
Mana & Wizard oil
Engineering -2230Gold Mining All classes Trinkets, Bombs
Guns, Ammo, Mounts
Jewelcrafting* -500Gold Mining All classes Jewelry, Gems
Leatherworking -880Gold Skinning Druids, Hunters
Rogues, Shamans
Armor (leather & mail)
Armor patches, Drums
Tailoring -1500Gold None Mages, Priests
Armor (cloth), Bags

* Added in The Burning Crusade expansion pack.

There are a few things I'd like to point out concerning the table. First of all, the amounts in gold are estimates. They are calculated using the average prices from Allakhazam for the items you'd need in order to skill up to 375 using the route I'd take myself.

This means that you should check if those prices are close to what items sell for on your server - but generally I think the prices for items should even out so the difference between the cost in levelling the different professions would probably end up being around the same.