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Skinning - World of Warcraft Profession Powerleveling Guide

Skinning is just like Herbalism and Mining - a gathering skill that you can take up as one of your two primary trades. With it you can skin the beasts across Azeroth and the Outland. As with the two other gathering trades it is a very good trade for making money without having to spend any – however, in my opinion this is the lesser out of the three to bring in the gold.

As with other trades you have to pay to be able to skin and again at certain points to be able to keep on increasing your skill.

In order to skin beasts you also need a  Skinning Knife, which you can pick up from most trade goods vendors.

Apprentice 1-75 10Copper
Journeyman 75-150 5Silver
Expert 150-225 50Silver
Artisan 225-300 5Gold
Master 300-375 10Gold

Skinning and Other Trades

Like Herbalism, skinning only goes really well with one crafting trade - Leatherworking. In Leatherworking you get to use the leather you collect to make items. You can also cure the different hides you collect and make more advanced leather out of the leather you have gathered.

If you don’t want a crafting trade then skinning is a perfect match with either Mining or Herbalism. Combining skinning with one of those means that you can be looking for either ore or herbs on the minimap without worrying about swapping them, as skinning doesn’t use the minimap to track anything.

My personal opinion, however, is that Mining/Herbalism is more profitable than skinning combined with another gathering skill – this is provided that you keep switching between what you’re looking for. If you cannot be bothered with the switching then skinning and Mining or Herbalism makes for a very good money-maker as well.