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Mining Skillup Guide - 1-375

This guide is written to show you where to go to skillup in mining. It is meant for players that pick up mining later on in the game or players that get stuck on skillups for a while and don't know where to go.

The way I have constructed this guide is to take you through areas that have the best ore for you to skill up on at the different levels and showing the routes or caves in which the ore is most likely to occur.

The blue crosses indicates good caves or excavation areas. These are usually filled with mobs, so they're good for grinding if you're around that level. You might want to choose routes instead of caves if you aren't there to grind as well, since even if you're quite a few levels higher you'll probably aggro the mobs around, and it'll end up taking a lot longer than following routes where the ores are spaced out (unless of course your character can stealth in which case you will have an easy time heading straight to the ore nodes in caves).

If you want the coordinates for the vein spawn points I recommend looking up the ore you’re wanting on MapWoW and zooming in – if you click on the ore you get the coords. Alternately, you can look up the ore on Wowhead and they will show you the number of spawn points in different zones and will even show you the spawn points as dots on a map of the zone - and excellent tool (an example of this would be this excellent overview of where to find  Copper Ore).

To pick up mining as one of your trades you need to find a trainer in a city near you. Once you have paid 10Copper to become an Apprentice you will be able to skillup from 1-75.

As mentioned earlier you also need to pick up a  Mining Pick