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Mining - World of Warcraft Profession Powerleveling Guide

Like Herbalism and Skinning, mining is a gathering skill that you can take up as one of your two primary trades. With it you can mine the different ores across Azeroth and the Outland. It is a very good trade for making money without having to spend any – in my opinion the best of the three gathering skills.

As with other trades you have to pay to become a miner and again at certain points to be able to keep on increasing your skill.

Apprentice 1-75 10Copper
Journeyman 75-150 5Silver
Expert 150-225 50Silver
Artisan 225-300 5Gold
Master 300-375 10Gold

In order to mine you also need a  Mining Pick which you can buy from most trade goods vendors.

Mining and Other Trades

Whereas Herbalism only serves Alchemy, mining serves three crafts – Blacksmithing, Engineering and Jewelcrafting.

As mentioned under Gathering Trades I warmly recommend having another gathering trade whilst levelling and then after that swapping to a crafting trade related to the gathering trade you decide to keep.

Which one you choose to pair up with mining depends on what you want out of the trade. Do you want to be able to create some great bind on pickup armor (mail or plate) or weapons – then you should choose Blacksmithing. If you want an edge in PvP and like funny trinkets then Engineering would be the best choice (or for one of the new amazing bind on pickup epic head pieces). Lastly, Jewelcrafting is for you if you want to create necklaces and rings and cut gems for endgame items with sockets.