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1->40 Linen Bandage

50 x Linen Bandage Trainer
1 x Linen Cloth   3Silver 00Copper x 50 1Gold 50Silver 00Copper
Buy: 1Gold 50Silver 00Copper
Sell:     0Copper
Loss: 1Gold 50Silver 00Copper

The first step is like any other trade - go visit your trainer and pay him 10Copper in order to skillup to 75. After this it's really easy, you just need to collect 50x Linen Cloth in order to make enough  Linen Bandages to reach 40.

40->80 Heavy Linen Bandage

60 x Heavy Linen Bandage Trainer
2 x Linen Cloth   3Silver 00Copper x 120 3Gold 60Silver 00Copper
Buy: 3Gold 60Silver 00Copper
Sell:     0Copper
Loss: 3Gold 60Silver 00Copper

You'll want to take a short break at 75 (or 50) to see your trainer and pay him 5Silver to be able to continue skilling up to 150.

80->115 Wool Bandage

60 x Wool Bandage Trainer
1 x Wool Cloth   10Silver 00Copper x 60 6Gold 00Silver 00Copper
Buy: 6Gold 00Silver 00Copper
Sell:     0Copper
Loss: 6Gold 00Silver 00Copper