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Enchanting Skillup Guide - 1-375

To start out you want to go see a trainer to pick up the trade. You have to pay 5Copper in order to become an Apprentice Enchanter and to be able to skill up from 1->75.

Now, before we get started with the recipes, I want to point out how I have gone about making this guide. What I have done is to look at which recipes are the most profitable ones in Enchanting and then chosen to skill up on those. If there are no profitable ones for a skill range then I have gone in and chosen then one with the least loss. Other things I have taken into consideration are the difficulty of obtaining the items needed in the recipe and also how you obtain the recipe itself.

The way I have calculated the profit/loss is by using the average price of components and of the final item using the numbers shown on Allakhazam. Therefore it is a good idea to check if the prices are close to those on your server before gathering the ingredients.

It is worth noting that Enchanting is very different to other trades, because as mentioned earlier, most of the time you will not have an item to sell, but instead just the ability to put stats on other people's gear.

For this reason, you will need to just perform lots of the starting out recipes on cheap items you've bought at the auction house, as no-one will actually want to buy the enchant - so trying to sell it will be futile. I wouldn't even bother trying to sell any of the enchants pre-300 myself. The first enchant I would attempt to do for others, where they provide materials and I would hope to receive a tip, would be  Enchant Bracer - Assault - but I'd probably end up doing them for free (with their materials).