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Alchemy Skillup Guide - 1-375

To start out you want to go see a trainer to pick up the trade. You have to pay 5Copper in order to become an Apprentice Alchemist and to be able to skill up from 1->75.

Now, before we get started with the recipes, I want to point out how I have gone about making this guide. What I have done is to look at which recipes are the most profitable ones in Alchemy and then chosen to skill up on those. If there are no profitable ones for a skill range then I have gone in and chosen the one with the least loss. Other things I have taken into consideration are the difficulty of obtaining the items needed in the recipe and also how you obtain the recipe itself.

The way I have calculated the profit/loss is by using the average price of components and of the final item using the numbers shown on Allakhazam. Therefore it is a good idea to check if the prices are close to those on your server before gathering the ingredients.

I will say at this stage that Alchemy is a low cost trade to take up compared to others and the ride is fairly easy. It is also one of the only trades where you can almost break even skilling up to 375. Of course if you farm the materials yourself you should be looking at sitting on about 500Gold after selling the items you create using this guide. A piece of advice for selling the items you make is to create a so-called "mule" to send the items to when they’re created (a mule is a character created for the sole purpose of holding items for your other characters). Doing this will allow you to slowly sell some of the items each day without flooding the market. Flooding the market will only drive prices down and cut into your own profit. So be patient and just sell them off from time to time when you remember to log onto your mule.

1->55 Minor Healing Potion

54 x Minor Healing Potion Trainer
1 x Peacebloom   1Silver 72Copper x 54   92Silver 88Copper
1 x Silverleaf   3Silver 00Copper x 54 1Gold 62Silver 00Copper
1 x Empty Vial     4Copper x 54   2Silver 16Copper
Buy: 2Gold 57Silver 04Copper
Sell:   54Silver 00Copper
Loss: 2Gold 03Silver 04Copper

You want to use this recipe as the  Minor Healing Potion can be reused later on for cheap skillups. Also it uses an even amount of ingredients of the extremely common herbs in the startup areas, so it should be really quick to get the materials for these skillups. For good routes to pick up the herbs, check out the Herbalism guide.

All the vials you will need can be bought at your local NPC trade goods vendor or alchemy supplier.